Another great birth story from one of my HypnoBirthing moms. What a fast and exciting birth experience! I love how she instinctively knew what position her body needed to be in to birth her baby.

It was very fast. Let’s rewind the week prior. I walked a very challenging 3 miles up hills for 5 days in a row with braxton hicks here and there.

By Sunday morning I woke up and started feeling surges around 8:00am but very faint. Mark wasn’t home he took Jett to his baseball practice, but I let him know that I may be in the hospital during super bowl. My urine was a very pale pink which told me my cervix was opening. I asked Mark if we could walk during Jett’s practice, but he said Jett wanted him to watch his practice…hahaha..sounds like Mark was in denial, right? So I asked him to meet me at my parents house after Jett’s practice in case I needed coverage for Jett.

Once I got to my parents house, my surges were a steady 3 mins apart.  I knew I was going to have a baby soon. So I told Mark lets go to breakfast and walk around swami’s where the hospital is located. After breakfast we walk and now I can barely walk through the surges. I hung out uncomfortable on the 101 walking through the surges and just mentally waiting till they would get closer in timing. At 12:30 after 30 mins or so standing in front of the Union restaurant garden I said I could walk more. Again, Mark did not think we were having a baby that day. I walked 50 yards and felt either a punch or kick that stopped me in my tracks. 5 seconds later at least 8 ounces of water gushed, followed by another big gush. I looked at Mark and told him to run to get the car. I was literally across the street from swami’s cafe on the 101 and did not want to give birth there. Mark pulls up and I told him let’s go to the hospital. He still doesn’t think I should check in, but I told him go to the hospital and I will see how I fee[l] when i get there.

We arrive 5 mins later and I get out of the car and more water is gushing, this time bloody and green. I have to completely stop and work on my breathing through surges. I told him were checking in. I check in, get my room and start on the side of the bed with my knees on the floor and me bent over the side of the bed during surges. The nurse checked me and I was 8cm. I [was] free to birth however I wanted. Nothing was hooked to me but a baby heartbeat monitor. Mark was on one side and nurse on the other. She was very sweet and coached me as well with my breathes.

I was trying to listen to my rainbow headphones, but when it was pause I would look at the phone and see “alerts” from Facebook from friends cheering me on. I really think that mentally helped me too! for 9 months I had a community of women that really supported me emotionally and Jett’s daily affirmations. I kept picturing Jett’s smile and encouragement my entire pregnancy. I was so eager to give him his brother and for me to have the birth I envisioned the whole time. Fast and easier then the last 2. I was so committed to those thoughts the last 9 months it could not let me down(and it didn’t).

So after an hour, I felt the urge to push and got on the bed in a cat/cow position. That one shocked me too, but apparently the nurse had seen it before and knew exactly what to do during my surges. As my surges came on she would squeeze my hips together and it took so much relief off that area. Mark took over for her and maybe 45 mins I was crowning. I literally told the baby please do not stay here long, please! maybe 5 more surges and his head popped out. what a relief! the on call doctor was just arriving at this point and the nurse said to wait to push him out. I couldn’t wait, Greyson couldn’t either, he shot right out like a pistol. I was so relieved and fell forward in child pose. Yoga played a big roll in this labor as well. Greyson was so beautiful, perfect in all ways. He is still the calm baby as he was in the womb.