I am no longer teaching HypnoBirthing classes. Please see my Resources page for a list of local instructor recommendations.

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method

You have many choices and decisions to make for your birthing experience – your care provider, the environment in which you will bring your baby into the world, and the childbirth education classes you will choose to prepare for the birth of your baby.

HypnoBirthing® is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman to birth in a peaceful and beautiful manner. HypnoBirthing courses are built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, and attention to nutrition and body toning. It considers the psychological and physical well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and their newborn, fostering mutual respect for everyone involved. HypnoBirthing is very effective in both traditional health-care centers or alternative birth settings – all are welcome! HypnoBirthing provides you with tools you can use in any type of birth –  and carry into your new life as a parent as well.

Through self-hypnosis you will be able to fully relax and trust your body to do what it naturally knows how to do. In our country today there are a lot of fears surrounding childbirth, especially as portrayed by the media. With HypnoBirthing® you will learn to trust birth and let go of any fears or limiting thoughts. In the absence of fear you allow your birthing muscles and your baby to work together in harmony, just as they were designed to do!

Self-hypnosis isn’t anything like the goofy hypnotist stage shows you may have seen. Self-hypnosis is simply a method of bypassing your critical mind and accessing your subconscious through a deeper level of relaxation. It allows you to explore and release any limiting beliefs and fears and replace them with positive ones. You will be completely aware and in control the entire time.

With HypnoBirthing® you will have the advantage and confidence of the Mongan Method reputation for top-quality birthing preparation. Find out more about the HypnoBirthing philosophy.


“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

   – Marie F. Mongan

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